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Hello to all of you!

Any and I welcome you to our website. This site is set up primarily for my wife,
Any Marie Drollinger. Those of you in Europe may have known her as Any
Marie Popoiu. The following link will take you to a website of prominent
Romanian dignitaries and you will note Any's name as Anne Marie Popoiu in
the artist section under "painting".

Encyclopedia of Who's Who

This particular site that you are currently in will lead you through Any's
various paintings of places from around the world. If you would like to order
certain paintings then by all means feel free to contact us. I am not quite the
artist Any is but I will be releasing my own Trilogy of Astronauts as a tribute to
Apollo1, Challenger and the Columbia in 2011. To get a peek at some of my
work you can go to  Robert's Link

We hope you enjoy your visit here and please feel free to bookmark so you
can return for a future visit.

AMD- is an American artist originally from Romania- European Union. She studied Arts and sculpture with
professor Lucia Florea in Romania and she showed her work in various exhibits in Romania and the United
States. Her work can be seen at the Greek, Egyptian and French Embassies in Bucharest and in private
collection on three continents. She is a world traveler and a physician, wrote 3 children books and has an
Art and History Album about Romania, and she painted the altar of a small chapel in an orphanage in
Romania where the children are baptized. In the states  she worked in the medical field and teaching. Her
name is mentioned in books  “Who is Who” in Romania and in a Romanian publication called “The
Vrancea Contribution to the National Culture”, and in a Danish Magazine.

Robert is a native of Nevada, born in Ely on the same month and day as Pat Nixon wife of President
Richard M. Nixon. Robert has been drawing since he was almost a toddler. Once he started drawing
portraits, his first was a girl named Niki Black in 4th grade, he was hooked. By the time he was a Senior in
High School he had mastered drawing portraits and the female form in charcoal and pencil. That same
year brought about a teacher, Mr. Kopitski, who had turned Robert on to oil painting. Although it remains a
challenge for Robert he will never give up on capturing that real life effect that the master artists seem to
Robert had joined the US Navy in 1981 and had tried many times to find a way to get into the US Naval
Space Program. Annapolis turned him down due to being too old at 20 when he would enter the program
and 24 by the time he would finish the officer training school and military college. So not to be one to give
up he applied for the ROTC program and succeeded. He applied and was accepted to SDSU in San
Diego, CA but a week before he went to school, the Dept of Defense Medical Exam Review Board denied
the scholarship based on cystic acne.
Robert kept painting and when the Challenger disaster occurred he felt it was his calling to pay this tribute
to the astronauts who died. Not wanting to be in a hurry or rush this painting Robert only worked on it when
in the mood. The “Challenger” painting had been started in 1993 and was not finished till 2010. During this
endeavor, the “Columbia” burned up on reentry, which triggered a decision to paint a trilogy surrounding
the disasters of the three missions; Apollo 1, Challenger and the Columbia. With three paintings being his
goal, the inception of building a 1/25th scale model then was then in his sights, along with that came lights
and sound.
Once the trilogy is complete there will be lights which light up the exhaust ports, a smoke machine to
simulate exhaust and sound to bring to life the launching of a rocket, the voices of 17 astronauts to
captivate an audience and lead them into the “NASA Trilogy Experience” of which you can now look at its
beginning stages, during stage and its eventual final stage of development here on these pages.