In commemoration of World AIDS Day the painting below is on auction with the starting bid of
$10,000 and a buy now price of $100,000
The money from the sale of this painting will help fund a clinic run by the artist as she is a
pediatrician first, and artist as well. In Europe she has been called "Madame Van Gogh" for
her paintings.  She has paintings in various embassies and private collections around
Europe. Though no relation, her paintings do use some of the same techniques used by the
late master impressionist artist.
The painting depicts an innocent young lady dieing of AIDS from perhaps a blood transfusion
or a victim of having sex with a carrier unbeknownst to her. She is being sucked down by
death it self, with the sands of time running out as the flame of the blood desease sucks out
all the oxygen she may breath. It also shows that angel wings are developing on this young
lady giving her the hope of a much better life beyond under God's watchful eye.

The painting measures 24 x 36
Wait to verify before you buy a frame for it
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Starting bid is $10,000
for $100,000