The painting to the left are the
astronauts of the Apollo 1. On Jan
27, 1967 the Apollo 1 mission had
an electrical fire that killed the crew
while still on the launch pad.

The second one is of the
Challenger Crew that was destroyed
on Jan 28, 1986 just less than 2
minutes after launch.

The last but not least is a painting
of the Columbia that burned up on
re-entry on February 1, 2003. This
portion of the website is dedicated
to all those who have served in the
exploration of space.

Currently Robert is teaching at
Rancho High School as a
mathematics teacher and is doing
what can be done to be reunited
with his wife Any in Romania..
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video of
Kid Rock's Born Free

...that is me!
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during development
in LARGE!!!!
How is this for
Currently the NASA Trilogy can be seen at the Galleria Mall on East
Sunset Road in Henderson, Nevada. If you walk in the lower level
entrance near Dillard's on the south side of the mall and follow the
chemical symbol tiles right into the Henderson Space and Science
Center you will be able to see it in person. There is an admission fee of
$6.00 for Adults, $4.00 for children and under age 5 are free.
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Power Point Presentation of
combined artwork of Any
and Robert's Paintings
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Amazing Grace as sung by 4 men...AWESOME!!!
NASA Trilogy Experience
Click on the link below to see the final
video which is being used to sell the
collection. The smoke, the lights, the
sounds (most of them) are now part of
the experience. Enjoy!