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"Dorul" Magazine from Denmark Volume 8 Nr 100 March

An exceptional album was released at the same time with
the opening day of Dr. Any Marie Popoiu's painting
exposition which took place at the signing book event of
her album, 'Vrancea County'. The album contains
paintings, poems, memories and historical events of the
county found in Romania. At the opening, Professor
Tatiana Cristian put in beautiful words that: "The talent,
magnified by the warm patriotism, make the exposition a
real intense cure of illnesses of our society: the
indifference, the lack of love and respect for our heritage."
The incredible album of Any Marie Popoiu should be a
part of every one of our libraries. The author Any Marie
Popoiu was born in Focsani, Romania on the 25th of May
1962. She went to high school in the same city, studying
arts in parallel: drawing, painting, and sculpture. In 1987
she graduated from the University of  Medicine in Iasi,
specializing in pediatrics. Her artistic life is inseparable
from her medical career. She has shown her paintings in
expositions in Iasi, Bucharest, and others as she is
nationally recognized at that time. She painted the altar of
a small chapel in a Romanian orphanage, wrote two
books for children and has had nine expositions as of this
time. She is a member of "Doctors, Writers and Artists
Society" of Romania.
"All of Any Marie's creations are spiritual in nature and
earthy. Where the earth glows the expression is
enlightened, where the spirit erupts the message is
purposeful and direct. In a permanent genuine generous
selflessness the artist succeeds to portray reality in a new
light. It is a God given gift that has been given to her."
Tatiana Cristian
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